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Colorado Affiliate Meeting Minutes: April 2024

April 2024 Affiliate Meeting

Location: Zoom

Date: 4/9/24

Board Members Present: Merrilynn Artman (VP), Terra Rhoades (Secretary), Adrian Medina (member at large), Diane Utz (Treasurer)

Affiliate Members Present: Lisa Ward, Susan Englebert (Georgetown SNM), Adrianna Hervey (Program manager at CDPHE), Adrienne Barnow (Frontier SNM), Elaine Henke (Frontier SNM), Kala Kluender, Natalie Trolle (Frontier SNM)

CDPHE Presentation:  Presentation by Adrianna Hervey, Program Manager discussing the rising rates of Syphilis in the state and efforts to decrease congenital syphilis

  • Syphilis trends in CO: highest number of reported incidence in 70 years, drastic increase in number of cases of congenital syphilis since 2017 (49 cases in 2023, compared to 4 cases in 2017). Activated rapid response team. 

  • Amongst individuals giving birth, 60% cases diagnosed in ER, 36% in OB/GYN and prenatal facility, 4% in jail 

  • Between 2019-2022, there were 9 stillbirths and infants who died shortly after birth among congenital syphilis cases in Colorado - these deaths are completely preventable!! 

  • Syphilis Screening Recommendations - For all screening algorithms, at least one treponemal and one non-treponemal test should be performed. If getting discordant results, needs to be repeated.

  • New CDPHE Screening Recommendations: test all sexually active people 15-44 years, for any patient being evaluated for STIs include GC/CT/HIV & syphilis, all pregnant people should be screened for syphilis 3 times (1st PNV, 28-32 wks, and at delivery) - additionally people who present to ED with lack of documentation of pregnancy testing, IUFD, all pregnant people in correctional facilities. Infants born to any person who did not have prenatal care or syphilis screening prior to delivery should be screened prior to discharge from newborn nursery. Transgender/ MSM - at least annual, every 3-6 months if at increased risk, if on PrEP every 3-6 month screening recommended. 

  • Screening Strategies: No-cost at-home STI screening kits mailed to CO residents, free rapid syphilis test kits distributed to agencies both clinical and non-clinical, State Lab Testing Credits available.

  • All positive cases must be reported within 1 working day in accordance with Board of Health Rule 6 CCR 1009-1 Section 5. Email reporting of point of care testing is strongly preferred.

  • CDPHE Syphilis in Colorado Website - has tons of great info!

  • Field-Delivered Therapy (FDT) option available in Southern Colorado currently, online referral form to request. 

  • Bicillin L-A shortage, temporary use of Extencillin use approved by FDA. (Bicillin Access Program Provider Toolkit - decision trees for treatment of syphilis and congenital syphilis. Bicillin Request Form)

  • Contact information:, Ph 720-263-0415. Surveillance & Case ascertainment Program Manager

Legislation UpdateLisa Ward

  • Watching Bills: 

  • HB 1055 - child passenger safety & education bill, has not yet passed, $500K appropriation cost. 

  • HB 1262 - automatically licenses current DEMs to be CPMs. ACNM in amend position - looking to make changes including requiring DEMs to have higher education standard before licensed, DEMs required to have malpractice insurance 

  • HB 1075 - analysis of universal healthcare bill, sitting in appropriation, $400K appropriation fund

  • SB 83 - allow fire houses to have “baby boxes”, safe haven laws allow people to drop off babies within certain parameters. Bill failed - opposition was “if women don’t want their babies they should have an abortion”. Costs state no money, this bill will return. 

  • SB 175 - bill on improving perinatal health outcomes. Sitting in appropriations. Cover doula services under private health benefit plans. Cover charge of choline supplements, including others. Has 1 million fiscal note, if cost is not reduced bill will not pass. 

  • Every 3 years the state looks at provider rates. Increase to 100% for maternity services on Medicaid funding in state budget. 

  • Federal model - transforming maternal health model. Stakeholder Meeting on federal model takes place April 16th 11am-12pm, virtually. 


  • Harvey Cohen Morbidity & Mortality Summit 2024: Friday, November 15, 2024, Hyatt Regency DTC.  Save the date- the registration information will be posted when it's available. Currently there is a call for cases. Contact if you have an interesting case that could be presented.

  • ACNM Midwives-PAC - plans for another virtual PAC Rally are in the works

Treasury report:

  • ACNM dues: $1630.84 in for March, symposium fees coming in as well. 

JEDI Committee (Justice, Equity, Diversity and Inclusion):  

  • Upcoming events:

    • Merchandise fundraiser at Midwifery Symposium on 4/19/24

    • Golf tournament 9/13/24 in Louisville, CO

    • Annual 5k run/walk in Lakewood, CO on 10/6/24

Project Cure: Leah Rashidyan/Jennifer Fields

Assembly time is 1-3pm on Sundays.

  • April:  Saint Joseph Hospital Midwives, Birth Center of Denver ~  April 7 (Denver Health joining) 

  • May:   Lonetree OB/Gyn -May 5  

  • June:  CU Faculty CNM Midwives - June 30 

  • July:  Beginnings Birth Center- Colorado Springs - July 14 

  • August:  Seasons Birth Center date TBD

  • September:  OPEN

  • October:  CU CNM Students- date TBD 

  • November: STRIDE ~ date TBD 

  • December:  No Assembly

Generally the more the merrier, so if people want to join an assembly they should just email Jennifer at and/or Leah at to make sure there aren't any changes.  

Midwife of the week: If interested in nominating someone, write up a short bio and send to executive office at

Next Affiliate meetings (Zoom at 6:30pm MST): 

June 11

August 13

October 8

December 10

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