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Certified Nurse Midwifery (CNM) Licensure Requirements in the state of Colorado

As dictated and detailed by the Nurse Practice Act of the Division of Regulatory Agencies of Colorado (DORA):

Pre-Requirements: Applicant must hold a current Colorado Registered Nurse License and renew this license annually along with the CNM license.

Education:  Master’s Degree or Higher from a Nurse-Midwife Program Accredited by the Accreditation Commission for Midwifery Education.  Graduation from an ACME accredited nurse-midwifery program from an instituation of higher learning.  The graduate must me Master's prepared, and the degree accredited by CCNE.  

Certification/Examination:  Certified Nurse-Midwife (CNM) Exam from the American Midwifery Certification Board (AMCB).

Fees:  $75 Application Fee to DORA, $750 Certification Examination Fee to AMCB

Licensing Renewal: RN and CNM renewal every two years

Certification Renewal:  Every 5 years from the AMCB

Submit all requested documentation of completion of the above to DORA with application fee.

Licensed CNMs in the State of Colorado may apply for Prescriptive Authority as detailed below.

Prescriptive Authority Requirements in the State of Colorado (taken directly from the DORA website so do we need to have a formal citation?)

General Requirements for Prescriptive Authority

• Placement on the Advanced Practice Registry (APR) in the role/specialty the Advanced Practice Nurse

(APN) is seeking RXN-P.

• Satisfactory completion of a graduate or post-graduate degree in the advanced practice nursing


• Three (3) graduate semester hours or four (4) quarter hours in each of the following: Pathophysiology,

Pharmacology and Physical Assessment. The coursework in Pharmacology shall include education on

prescribing drugs and controlled substances.

• National certification in the role/specialty of the APN.

• Professional liability insurance if required by Board Rules.

• Additional experiential and safe prescribing requirements including, preceptorship, mentorship and articulated plan.

• Fees: $150 for first 1800 hours and $150 for second 1800 hours.

Preceptorship includes 1800 hours of post-graduate prescribing experience under the supervision of a prescribing physician preceptor or a physician and a prescribing CNM preceptor.

Mentorship typically includes an additional 1800 hours of prescribing experience under a mentorship agreement with a physician mentor or a physician mentor and a CNM mentor.

Below are links detailing the Prescriptive Authority process as well as links to the applications on DORA.

If we want to detail requirements for CPMs as well the following is a good chart for such requirements.

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