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Colorado Affiliate Meeting Minutes: February 2024

February 2024 Affiliate Meeting

Location: Zoom

Date: 2/13/24

Board Members Present: Jeanne Bair - President, Terra Rhoades - Secretary, Diane Utz - Treasurer, Carolyn Bottone-Post

Affiliate Members Present: Sarah Meyer, , Kathy Brown, Ashley Vendal, Haven Shoemaker, Jane Avery, Lisa Ward, Arielle Flom, Kala Kluender, Aja Metzger, Denise Smith, Susan Mahoro, Kelsey, Elisa Patterson


6 CE's (ACNM) Registration $150, Early Bird registration of $125 ends 2/29/24.     Register at

  • Please register! Hotel block reserved, will plan a social event. Speaker line-up almost finalized. Keynote - Dr. Lisa Kane Low, professor at University of Michigan. Speakers - leader in repro endocrinology, treatments of menopause, HRT. Special panel (CPCQC partnering) - talking about doula implementation. Midwifery management of PCOS talk. Thomas Jefferson University to talk about shoulder dystocia. Members of DOME (directors of midwifery education) will be present. Only 32 registered currently, money goes towards lobbyist fees! Hoping for about 200 attendees. Student rate $75. 

  • Denise Smith - ACNM lost money on annual meeting in Orlando last year. Symposium is very important to keep us afloat independent of the national office. If you register for in person and convert to online, you can convert but no refund of cost difference. If you register online and then decide to come in person, food is tricky, would be asked to pay the difference. If unsure, register in person and then convert to online. Online $125, in person will be $150 (after early bird). Auction is available online as well as in person. Need auction donations. Earring exchange for $5. 

  • Harvey Cohen Morbidity & Mortality Summit 2024: Friday, November 15, 2024, Hyatt Regency DTC.  Save the date! Registration not yet open. If there are any interesting cases to present from midwifery please reach out to Jeanne. 

  • Jeanne is helping to reword education pamphlets on NB screening requirements, if interested in reviewing please email Jennie. Wanting revision before the end of March. 

  • Betty Jennings, CNM - passed away peacefully after a long illness. No information on services yet, Jeannie will post once has information. She will be greatly missed! Very influential midwife in the state of Colorado. Would like to make a donation in her name to ACNM foundation or whatever her husband Glen would feel appropriate. Scholarship in her name already to send a student to the annual meeting - donate to a fund to support a student. 


  • Legislation Update: Lisa Ward

  • Legislative session runs for 5.5 months, Jan - May, only time to pass bills. Have about 400 bills introduced, Jan 10th started session, usually around 600-620 bills that pass. 

  • Bill - last year ACNM lead proponent on bill to include CMs to state of CO. DEMs wanted amendments, that were not able to accommodate last session. They brought a new bill this year, 20 sections, 39 pages (very long!). This bill covers - main provision to make changes to language, changes registered to licensed. They want to allow board to expand, adding pregnancy as protected class, adding midwife to several types of committees and boards, big section around health equity commission and study requiring maternal mortality review, etc. 

  • We recommended some changes → 2 main recommendations as a group, bill as of 7/31/24, moves them automatically if DEM to a licensed CPM. We recommend they have the choice to be licensed as CPM or not, if you choose to be licensed there are educational standards and want them to require them to have liability insurance. Liability insurance gives vulnerable populations some protection against malpractice. 

  • ACOG, medical provider groups, CO Hospital interest groups have concerns around educational standards and malpractice requirements. Proposed studies that may not be needed, concerned for taxpayer burden. 

  • This bill is still in draft form, best time to make changes before bill gets introduced this week. Once introduced to legislation, then changes need to be amendments which is harder to pass. Due to short timeline our changes will likely need to be amendments. 

  • House Bill 1005 - assured that no matter where you go your PCP will remain in-network. Watching bill to ensure APRNs are in PCP network. In support! Has a lot of opposition, primarily from insurance companies. 

  • House Bill 1025 - fertility coverage. Fixing regulation around fertility coverage

  • House Bill 1055 - in support. Child passenger safety bill, allocating 500K dollars to grant fund in DOT for child safety seats. Changes laws around age and weight of required child seats in cars. May face challenge on monetary amount. Likely to pass

  • HB 1075 - universal healthcare system analysis in CO, $428K, failed last year too expensive, decreased monetary ask on this bill

  • HB 1086 - Abortion pill reversal information act - bill requires HCP treating women seeking abortion through drugs to inform them about abortion pill reversal, will not pass. 

  • HB 1146 - Medicaid fraud bill, already passed. Non-emergent transport. Fraudulently transporting people and billing Medicaid for mileage reimbursement. 

  • HB 1164 - Free menstrual products to students, likely to pass! 

  • Treasury report: Diane Utz

  • $15,683.28 started January, $2501.66 in revenue, $467 of that came from ACNM for payment (third quarter in 2023), still catching up with 2023 due remittance. Probably 3 more months of payments for 2023 still owed to us. $2034.57 for registration to symposium so far. Paid lobbyist for December and January. 

  • JEDI Committee:  Jane Avery

  • Fund raising contribute to BIPOC midwife student to diversify midwives in Colorado. Symposium on April 19th, sold midwifery swag, planning to do this again. Encourage students to apply for scholarship, deadline is this Sunday 2/18/24 at 10pm MST. 

  • Next meeting next Tuesday 2/20/24 at 7pm on zoom.

  • “Basic Midwifery Student Scholarship - 2024”

  • Project Cure: Leah Rashidyan/Jennifer Fields

  • No report, only 2 months not already claimed for 2024

  • Denise Smith - working on program plan & curriculum for CM students at CU, vote from college leadership in full support. Needs vote of general faculty, vote this Spring present curriculum plan. Planning to admit first cohort in Fall of 2025, applications would open later this year. Pre-reqs required. 61 credits, 8 semester master’s program. Accepting around 5 students per cohort. Would be an increase of normally 15-20 per year of CNMs, now cohorts will be around 25, hoping to expand the workforce by accepting more students. 

Next Colorado ACNM Affiliate Meeting: April 9th, 2024 - 6:30pm on Zoom

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