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Colorado Affiliate Meeting Minutes: May 2023

May 2023 Affiliate Meeting

Location: Anschutz Campus/ Hybrid on Zoom

Date: 5/11/23

Board Members Present: Jeanne Bair - President, Jolene Hamann - Vice President, Denise Smith - Treasurer, Terra Rhoades - Secretary, Member-at-Large - Kala Kluender

Region VI Representative: none

Affiliate Members Present: Merilynn Artman, Jane Avery, Carolyn Bottone-Post, Hillary Elder, Lorell Erwin, Dawn Wright, Anne Quinones, Janie Hanson-Ernstrom, Laurel Essien, Dori Shiovitz, Anita Sheetz, Leslie Gibson, Heidi Phillips, Hillary Elder (SNM at Frontier Nursing)

Legislation Update: Lisa Ward (Frontline Public Affairs)

  • Legislative Session ran from January 9th - May 8th, 617 total bills.

  • 2023 sessions -

    • Budget - Spending budget 41.4B (4.2% increase from last year)

      • 16.7 million for SNAP programming

      • Items of Interest: Fund to continue and expand the Congenital Syphilis Prevention Pilot Project, Colorado diaper distribution program, Medicaid doula and donor milk benefits, Medicaid rate adjustments for specific services or providers, funding to Denver Health and rural hospitals

    • Health Care Costs, Access & Workforce - (all bills have passed unless otherwise stated) HB23-1030: Prohibit direct-hire fee healthcare staffing agency; HB23-1077: Informed consent to intimate patient examinations; HB23-1195 Automated Pharmacy Dispensing System; HB23-1201 Prescriptions Drug Benefits; HB23-1215 Limits on Hospital Facility Fees; HB23-1218: Health Facility Patient Information Denied Service; HB23-1243: Hospital Community Benefit; SB23-014 and SB23-176: Disordered Eating Prevention; SB23-083: Physician Assistant Collaboration Requirements; SB23-144: Prescription Drugs for Chronic Pain; SB23-162: Increase Access to Pharmacy Services; SB23-167: Regulate Certified Midwives (7/1/24); SB23-188: Protections for Accessing Reproductive Health Care; SB23-189: Increasing Access to Reproductive Health Care (begins 1/1/25); SB23-190: Deceptive Trade Practice Pregnancy Related Services (NOT YET PASSED); SB23-223: Medicaid Provider Rate Review Process; SB23-252: Medical Price Transparency; SB23-284: Ensure 12-month Contraception Coverage (bill was passed but waiting for Governor signature - is a maybe right now); HB23-1300: Continuous Eligibility Medical Coverage; SB23-002: Medicaid Reimbursement for Community Health Services; SB23-222: Medicaid Pharmacy and Outpatient Services Copayments (effective 4/25/23); SB23-288: Coverage for Doula Services

    • Behavioral Health: HB23-1031: Mental Health Professionals Reporting Exemption; HB23-1071: License Psychologist Prescriptive Authority

    • Public & Environmental Health: SB23-150: Require Labeling Disposable Wipes; SB23-260: Individual Access to Publicly Funded Vaccines

    • Economic and Workforce development: HB23-1246: Support In-Demand Career Workforce

    • Elections & Civil Rights: HB23-1057: Amenities for all genders in public buildings

    • Public Safety and Criminal Justice: HB23-1187: Alternative in Criminal Justice System and Pregnant Persons

    • Firearm Legislation: (all passed this year) HB23-1219, SB23-168; SB23-169, SB23-170, SB23-279

    • 2023 Bills that did not pass and will likely return: DEM bill never introduced this year; SB23-109; HB23-1202; HB23-1230; HB23-1209

National Government Action Committee (NGAC) – Lorell Erwin is our new representative!

ACNM Action Alert : Improving Care and Access to Nurses (I CAN Act) : removes barriers to care and increases access to services provided by advanced practice registered nurses (APRNs) under the Medicare and Medicaid programs.


  • Symposium: May 19, 2023

Elliman Conference Center

CU Anschutz Health Science Building

1890 N Revere Ct, Aurora, CO 80045

  • Collecting member dues and annual symposium is how we raise money for our affiliate. Main cost is legislation. Zoom accessible registration, accessible to students and professionals. 73 registered so far to attend. Open to anyone! Goal is 100. 6 CE’s associated. Lots of great speakers! NOT RECORDED, only available live.

  • Auction has 100 items - stickers and pins, jewelry, ski vacations, etc. Will share link to auction online so people outside affiliate can participate. If attending in person, bring money for wine pull. Raffle - can win “midwife doll”, midwife contest, $10 per ticket. If not attending can still participate in auction.

  • With questions email Denise Smith.

  • Link for Auction: (bidding open on Monday)

  • Harvey Cohen Morbidity & Mortality Summit 2023: Friday, November 10, 2023. 6a-6:30p

Hyatt Regency Denver Tech Center

7800 East Tufts Avenue, Denver, CO 80237

  • Still looking for a CNM case to present - contact Jeannie with cases.

  • Registration online.

  • ACNM Business Meeting: Tuesday May 16, 2023 @ 4pm MST. Must be an ACNM member to join.

  • New Colorado Fellows: Sarah Myers, Merilynn Artman, Ms. Freedman.

Treasury report: Denise Smith

  • ACNM is in the red, needing to dig themselves out. CO Affiliate is in a better position but tied to the national.

  • Checking account balance: $13,433. $3,857 in PayPal around $1000 will be coming out to pay for Symposium speakers etc. but will be getting money in from auction items.

  • Will be looking for a new treasurer this year, Denise’s term is up this year!

  • Register for business meeting next week with ACNM

    • Affiliate Dues

    • ACNM National hired Michelle Monroe as acting CEO

  • Likely no in-person annual meeting next year. Financial reconstruction effort.

  • CO Affiliate is missing 3 months of dues payments at this time from national. Between $2000-3000 missing. A lot of people who don’t know they aren’t members - notifications should have been fixed. Please make sure to check the website and status is “active”.

  • What does ACNM do for us? Federal legislation - ACNM is our voice, has a lot of say over how we practice, when making policy decisions we need a seat at the table, helps establish core competencies and professional standards. Will still exist and continue as a member organization if it goes “bankrupt”, but as a volunteer base only.

  • Secure financial footing as an Affiliate, our funds go towards advocacy and student scholarship.

  • So far given $20,000 to ACNM foundation, can tax write off donations.

  • 1100 attendees at ACNM Annual Meeting in Florida last week! Large turnout. Exemplary Affiliate Award Recipients!!!

JEDI Committee: Jane Avery

  • BIPOC Scholarship Awarded!

  • Taryn Olivera BSN, RN - BIPOC Scholarship Recipient 2023. University of Colorado, 2024 MSN Candidate. Special focus on SUD treatment for birthing people.

  • Come see us at the JEDI Table at the Symposium. Swag to help support black/ small-business owners - all proceeds to BIPOC Scholarship fund.

  • Save the Date: Golf Tournament to benefit BIPOC Scholarship: Wellshire Golf Course in Denver, July 14th, 2023 @ 8am. Lunch afterwards, prizes, etc! Contact Lorell if anyone would like to help. Sign-up coming soon.

  • Email Jane with questions/ interest in joining JEDI Committee:

Project Cure: Kris Combs - no updates, will put info in Connect with openings

Region VI update: Jessica Anderson 6 years as regional rep!! Jessica Ellis will be taking over.

New business:

- Fundraising - discussed

  • SYMPOSIUM! Will go back to holding annually.

- Increasing membership:

  • Gathering a comprehensive list for active CNMs in the state. Less than half of licensed CNMs are ACNM members in Colorado. 577 AMCB midwives who list CO as residence. QR code to join ACNM will be at the Symposium.

  • Looking for ways to increase membership! Let us know your ideas.

  • Maybe think about “regional chapters” within the affiliate? To help increase participation outside of Denver midwives. Would need a representative on the main board.

Next Affiliate Meeting: Anschutz campus July 13, 2023, hybrid in-person/ Zoom

We need to move the meeting around! Email Kala with any thoughts about meeting in Glenwood Springs - maybe in the fall?

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