February CO Local Affiliate ACNM Meeting


Date: Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Location: Women’s Health Group- Thornton, CO

Attendance: 30 attendees, 3+ on Zoom


  • Remember to vote for ACNM board of Directors voting ends 2/18/19

  • Registration is open for ACNM annual meeting in Washington DC May 18-22

    • Only 500 seats on the buses to go to the hill. You sign up for the bus when you sign up for the meeting.

    • Other option is to Uber to the Hill

    • Hill day is Monday, May 20, 2019

  • Student scholarship for annual meeting:

    • Jeanne Bair (needs 3 committee members)

      • To vote on awardees

      • Award will be called “The Betty” in honor of Betty Jennings

    • The ACNM Colorado Affiliate sponsors one student to go to the meeting

    • Mallory Webb was present and won the award in 2018 to go to Savannah Meeting. She explained that in her essay she wrote about: “What I will do with the information that I learn there and why I will go.”

    • Deadline: 2/25/19. Email to Jeanne Bair

Qualifications include:

      • ACNM Member

      • Affiliate member

      • Student at an accredited institution

      • 500 word limit

      • Award is $1,000 to go to the meeting

  • Treasurer Report: on behalf of Kate Koschoreck

    • We are now receiving money from the national office once per month

    • Current Balance: $28,571.00

    • January: received $1,017.25 in dues from the National Office

    • Lobbyist: we pay $1,333.33 per month = $17,000 annually

    • Paid WeCycle $220.00 in December as a charitable donation. Matched donations from our local members.

    • 2 scholarships to the Annual Meeting: Board Member & Student ($1,000 ea)

    • Donating to PAC: last donated in 11/2018 ($1,000). Will donate again in May at the Annual Meeting at the PAC Rally

      • Will also need donation ideas for the PAC rally:

        • e.g. donated a CO themed bag last year

        • individuals could donate art etc. individually and we will try to coordinate another bag, basket, etc.

        • someone will need to coordinate the donation


Emily Daniels Colorado legislative update Legislative days at Capital

  • Legislation Update:

    • Workforce Bill got passed

    • Current Bill up for consideration: NM Midwife sent a succinct explanation in simpler terms

      • Last put up for consideration 10 yrs ago. Bill addresses admitting privileges, to be part of medical groups at hospitals and have admitting privileges

      • We have national campaign and then each state will work individually after it gets passed nationally

      • Realized it could not be done as a regulatory initiative under CME

      • CT prohibits full medical staff privileges (admitting, discharge, voting, due process)

      • Will update Social Security Act- a statute

        • This is not regulatory (and therefore can move forward unlike previously when we tried to do it as an initiative under CME)

        • Will give CMS a directive to prevent hospitals from discriminating against midwives in their bylaws and policies

        • Also states within 60 days- must offer hearing for any denial of privileges

      • HRSA might have education money to help get this legislated

      • Brush up on this and there will be further info at the meeting to help the senators on the hill understand “what is a midwife” and “why this bill”

  • Local update: trying to do legislative events locally to meet new people

  • Emily has bonded with the ACOG group, 2/25 at the Capital Building 12-5 p.m.

    • Link to register is on ACNM Connect

  • ACNM/ACOG/AWHONN event on 4/16

  • 2/13 Jessica Anderson is going to testify for the Maternal Mortality Bill in front of the Senate Committee

    • Bill calls for funding and protect for MMR Committee

    • Need more access to medical records

  • Call for participation: Emily Daniels is interested in having more people on the legislative committee



CU is up for accreditation

  • Invitation to comment if you work with a CU graduate, hired a CU graduate, mentored a CU graduate, etc.

  • Reach out to Denise Smith with any questions or feedback


CO Midwife Symposium:

  • Friday, September 27, 2019

  • Co-Chairs: Gillian Brautigam and Shannon Pirrie

  • Looking for interested members to join the planning committee. Stay tuned for an email about our upcoming planning meeting.

  • Looking for a venue and speakers right now- please reach out with suggestions


Jessica National ACNM Board Update

  • ACNM Annual Meeting

    • At the Gaylord National Hotel in Washington Harbor

    • May 18-22

    • Need to put forth Coloradans for awards: deadline March 2nd

      • Will send a reminder email, esp seeking preceptors and educators that should be recognized

    • Board Meeting: March 16th, available by web meeting for open agenda

      • Can put forth an agenda item

      • Example Position Statements that have been Updated:

        • Racism and racial bias

        • Social justice in midwifery

        • Expedited partner therapy

        • PROM

    • Voting is open: for the national ACNM Board

    • 3/27: Elisa and Jessica have worked to put together CEU’s for our region

      • Dr. Euser will be speaking

      • Location: WEBINAR!

      • GDM and Insulin update

      • CO is hosting it and Utah will be funding it

    • ACNM is calling for fellowship applications: deadline in 1 week

      • Contact Jane Deyer for guidance and assistance

      • Fellows are doing innovative work in global, state, local work

      • Awarded at the Annual Meeting

    • ACNM Announced the Listening Project yesterday

      • Stage 1: Survey about what members think about racism as midwife and/or midwife student

      • Stage 2: Action, how do we move our organization toward a better place of inclusion and diversity


Next CO Affiliate ACNM Meeting: April, Seasons Birth Center. Exact Date TBD.

  • Seasons is having upcoming events:       

    • Grand Opening: 3/16

    • Lunchtime: 3/21

    • Happy Hour: 3/29


Elisa’s Summary of the Current Bill up for Consideration

Originally we had wanted (10 years ago) to just amend the Conditions of Participation (CoPs), which are in 42 CFR 482, which is a REGULATORY document by CMS, which is part of the executive branch. But CMS wanted a clear directive from Congress in order to take that on. BTW, the CoPs have sections on the medical staff and on the governing body, both of which are pertinent.


Why do the CoPs matter? Because they set forth the requirements for hospitals to get paid by Medicare and Medicaid, which are their life's blood.


The current CoPs are crystal clear that CNMs are allowed to have full medical staff privileges (unless a state prohibits it, which CT doesn't). They just don't require it (yet).


What are some elements of full medical staff privileges?

_ Admitting

_ Discharge

_ Voting

_ Committee membership

_ Committee and staff leadership

_ Due Process


So, in order to make CMS amend the CoPs to require midwives to have full medical staff privileges, we are going to update the Social Security Act, which is a STATUTE (law, not regulation) that is the location of the Congressional requirements for health care facilities and staffs. This will give CMS a clear directive to address the gaps in the CoPs that allow hospitals still to discriminate against midwives in their bylaws and other policies.


The bill will require that midwives have access to all categories of medical staff membership (ie. not relegated to "allied health" etc.), with voting and due process. There will be a 60 day limit for privileging decisions, and they must include a rationale for any denial and access to a fair hearing. Committee composition will have requirements for a majority of active members of the medical staff rather than physicians (thus including midwives).

There is more, but I don't have all the references myself yet. We have to explicitly include critical access hospitals as well, and eliminate the Medicare requirement that a physician be in charge of every Medicare patient's care.


BTW, these elements have been included in the D.C. statute since 1984, and are operational in IHS and military hospitals already, as well as being mandated for implementation in VA facilities. We're just broadening access to midwifery care for women in non-governmental facilities.


It should actually be simpler for the hospital to just include midwives in the same privileging mechanisms as physicians, rather than having arcane, confusing, and time-consuming extra requirements. It also makes accountability clearer for them. Joint Commission does not present any obstacles to full medical staff privileging for midwives, either.